Librede is Hiring - Metabolic Engineer

Metabolic Engineer

at Librede Inc

Carlsbad, CA


Librede utilizes the power of biotechnology to unlock the therapeutic potential of nature. Our proprietary platform uses yeast to produce high value natural products in an economically and environmentally sustainable way. The products developed by Librede are used across numerous markets including the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage markets. We believe that microbes can create new products that improve the quality of life for all people in a way that conserves the precious resources and environment that we all enjoy.


Job Description

The metabolic engineer will be responsible for strain development and optimization. The candidate will work closely with the Chief Scientific Officer to develop and implement strategies to improve the yields of natural products from microorganisms such as yeast. The candidate will be required to present results and participate in the design of experiments and optimization of work flow. This is a full-time position with a large opportunity for rapid growth.



·        Design and engineering of cell lines

·        Small scale growth of cell culture cultures

·        Analysis of metabolic flux


Experience required

·        Experience equivalent to Ph.D in relevant molecular biology field

·        Metabolic pathway design

·        Gene design, transformation, analysis (RT-PCR, sequencing, transformation, running gels, etc.)

·        Protein isolation and characterization

·        Experience with safe handling of chemical solvents

·        Ability to think and adapt to a rapidly changing environment

·        Maintain a high degree of accuracy and meticulous attention to detail

·        Capable of working independent work as well as in a team setting


·        Background in natural product development and strain engineering is a plus

·        Familiarity of large-scale production is a plus

jason poulos