Natural Chemicals

Librede is a wholesale provider of pure isolated chemicals found in nature. Our focus has been on unlocking the therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant. Librede offers a wide range of compounds that are part of cannabinoid biosynthesis: divarinic acid acid, divarin, olivetolic acid, olivetol and cannabigerol. Additional compounds may be available. Contact Librede.

Non-natural cannabinoids

Non-natural cannabinoids; compounds that are similar to natural cannabinoids are also available from Librede, for example abnormal-cannabigerol (abn-CBG). Contact Librede with a compound of interest.

Licensing & Collaboration

Librede’s proprietary cannabinoid discovery, design and deployment platform can be used to produce cannabinoid and other plant based natural products at scale in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. The platform can be used to produce small quantities of material for early stage discovery as well as commercial quantities of the compound of interest for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. Contact us to explore partnerships.

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